How To Organize A Great Party

You have a milestone birthday party to prepare for and everything seems to be going according to plan until you run out of drinks and guests begin to get bored. You’re left wondering where you went wrong. Preparing a party is a lot of work and no matter how hard you try, something always seems to go awry. To drastically reduce your chances of this happening, any planner should follow a basic set of rules.  Here’s how you can organize a great party in a few simple steps.

When To Organize

Let’s start with the biggest question- how much time should you give yourself to organize this party? It depends on the scale you’re looking at. Some need at least a year in advance of planning! But those are parties on a massive scale. If you’re looking at private parties, you can have everything set up and organized in as little as 48 hours but some aspects need to be thought of in advance. For example, all good parties hire a professional DJ to get the music flowing and you usually need to ask them well in advance so they can mark you into their schedule. There’s also the venue- if this is a high-end, popular venue then chances are someone else might book it for your date if you don’t beat them to it.


A good location would ideally be at a convenient distance for all the guests so keep them in mind when picking this out. They will also have basic DJ equipment as well as a good sound and lighting system. Before renting these out, however, seek professional advice and compare prices with other possibilities. Keep in mind that usually when renting out a venue, the organizer will get all the money made at the entrance while the owner will profit off the bar. This is usually the type of deal that will be offered to you.

The Drinks

When you start running short on drinks is usually when you begin to lose your guests’ attention. Re-stocking your bar by running to the convenience store might turn out to be more expensive on the wallet than you anticipated so as a rule of thumb when it comes to your beverages, you’ll want to be getting more rather than less.

The Food

At birthday parties or any sort of congratulatory adult party, food is one of the most important things that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Make sure your menu caters to vegans and vegetarians. And keep in mind that the spread of food is a great place to add some quirky additions that will definitely elicit a chuckle or two out of your guests. For example, Sweet Mickie offers great customizable cookie deals.

The Music

After you figure out your dance floor and get your sound setup, do a test run to figure out if your music will disturb any residents in the area. They can just as quickly have your party called off. You can also go around the neighborhood and give them a heads up that there’ll be a party going on and apologize for any noise that might reach them- but remember, to mention that you’ll be keeping it as quiet as possible.

These are the basic steps you need to follow when organizing a party. Remember to be prepared for the worst so you’ll have a contingency plan ready and won’t be as flustered when dealing with your guests.



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