How to Properly Stock and Organize Your Refrigerator If You Own a Restaurant

Managing a restaurant, café or eatery is in-and-of-itself not an easy task, but managing the refrigerator at these places is a whole other ball game. There has to be a lot of thorough organization and management of the refrigerator or it could cost you a whole lot of money. Most restaurants have a large closet-like space where they store their produce because the smaller refrigerators are often not big enough to store all the necessary food. So these huge refrigerated spaces need a lot of management or it can get chaotic and also unhygienic. And so here is what needs to be done:

First In, First Out

Do not keep anything in your refrigerator for a long span of time or there will be hell to pay with the local health inspector and if any of your customers get ill from eating at your café or restaurant then you could even get sued. So stay conscious of how long food has been in the refrigerator. Use your ingredients before they expire. There is a trick to ensure that this happens though. Every time you buy new produce you need to place them behind the older produce so that the older produce is taken off of the shelf and used first. The older produce should be easier to access because this will ensure that it is used before it expires.

Label Everything

We cannot place enough emphasis on how you need to label absolutely everything! The labels have to be neat and legible. Everything should have a clear label on it as this will help your employees identify what is what within the refrigerator. It creates a smoother operation when it comes to the hectic rush of service time and also pre-service preparation.


Create or buy shelving and dividers inside of the refrigerated closet so that all the space is optimized. By using shelving, it will also give you more room to store food in a sanitary manner so that you will not have to use the floor. Make sure to buy strong, durable shelves that will be able to withstand cold temperatures. Before buying the shelves make sure to measure the size of your refrigerator so you can get them custom made to fit into it. If you do not know where to get them, do not worry because you can even ask the commercial fridge repair folks how and where to get these shelves.

Someone in Charge

You need to delegate work and appoint people to manage the refrigerator just like you appoint people to manage everything else at the restaurant or café. Have one individual who cleans out the refrigerator at least every other dayand then appoint someone to check the cleanliness inside the refrigerator and re-clean it if necessary, also get the same individual to check the freshness of the produce and remove anything that is getting old.

These tips should help you better manage your big refrigerator and prevent any waste or confusion. But you have to follow through with them if you want it to be of benefit to you.

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