The Less Obvious Tasks of a Wedding Planner

The job of a wedding planner is a glamorous and rather tedious job. Often the job description varies from person to person and from client to client. The ideal wedding planner has the capability to adapt themselves to the needs of their clients as some clients will request more jobs to be handled by the planner and some may only request fewer jobs. However, among the basic tasks expected to be done by the wedding planner, there are a few hidden tasks that are not quite asked for by the planner in a straightforward manner but rather expected. The following are a run through of a few of these hidden tasks expected of a wedding planner.

Taking Care of the Bride’s Family

The wedding planner’s duties are generally not extended to the family of the bride but a good wedding planner, one that has taken their job very seriously, would most certainly look into the family of the bride. Their attire for the wedding day is a priority and any other things needed by the family. For example the attire of the mother is one of the most significant tasks. There are many places that specifically design outfits for the mother, such as antheacrawford mother of the bride. The mother can also feel special on this big day with outfits designed specifically tailored to their needs. Not only the bride’s mother but also the groom’s mother can find an outfit that matches her needs. It is often the duty of the wedding planner to not forget to take care of the groom’s family as well.

Be the Peacemaker

This is a task most definitely not written down in the job description of a wedding planner but is well expected and most certainly needed in order to maintain a smooth functioning wedding. A wedding is a massive event with many people involved: the groom, the bride, both their parents, siblings and most would feel that they are entitled to have an opinion and will definitely try to barge in. There could be disagreements between the bride and the groom, the bride and the groom’s parents or even the two families themselves. For the smooth functioning of the event, these disagreements need to be brought to rest as it would create a potential problem on the day of the event. The wedding planner takes on the role of the peacemaker and carefully negotiates with either party to bring about peace.

Be the Third Opinion

During the event planning, there are many big decisions to make, and like it with generally all people, we simply cannot make a decision based on one opinion especially when it comes to something as big as a wedding. The bride’s first opinion would come from the groom – if he’s a very involved man – or the maid of honour or the bride’s mother – if they are close. But getting all that affirmation is not sufficient to make a solid satisfying decision, the bride will need further opinions and it is at this point that the opinion of the wedding planner is valued. Often it is the tiebreaker that either makes or breaks a decision. Having knowledge in the business will come in handy when you’re a wedding planner as it will help you help the bride make the decisions.



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