Things to Do In Victoria In 2018

If you are planning to fly to Australia for the upcoming holidays, Victoria would be a great place to explore with all of its diversity and the many, many attractions. However knowing what sights you want to see and the kind of activities that you want to take part in is central to enjoying the vibe of the area and having a rewarding and memorable holiday. Here are some of the possible things that you could try out if you plan on visiting Victoria in 2018.

Spend a Day at the Amazing Port Campbell National Park

This is located in the south-west area of Victoria and is a national park that spans out for over a staggering 400 acres. The park is also widely known for the fact that has some sheer cliffs that overlook offshore islets and isles and that there are also amazingly scenic rock stacks, arches, gorges and even blow holes. It is filled with tourist attractions because this park is always a must-see spot for many of the tourists that come on holiday here. The air is always somewhat salty in the park and the top areas of the cliffs will face rather harsh weather conditions coming straight off the southern ocean. However there are many plant varieties, especially orchids that grow well in these areas and they add to the beauty of this park. Sun and spider orchids are among the most commonly seen and in protected areas, the plant life that thrives includes bower spinach, cushion bush, heard health and coast daisy bush. There is a rich collection of fauna here too that includes honeyeaters, black swans, pelicans, fairy wrens, southern emu and penguins. If you are lucky enough you will also be able to see several different types of indigenous animals that are unique to that region.

Sample Some of the Local Cuisine

Once you’ve developed an appetite with all of that sightseeing you will be ready for a good and hearty meal right? Well, being in Victoria means that you will always have some place to go and sample the local cuisine from. Of course you can choose to eat something that is not from the region too but to experience what the food is like here it is best to go out there and start enjoying dishes that are local favourites. You could try places like restaurants in mildura for example where the food is amazing and the little paddle boats and steam houses add to the overall effect too. If you are unsure of what places to eat from, simply ask the friendly locals and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Take a Drive on One of the Most Scenic Coastal Roads

This is one of the most scenic coastal routes that Victoria has in store for you and it is recommended that you enjoy the views that you can get from this route at leisure with your friends and family for the best effect. The road is also widely considered as a tourist attraction and provides you with stunning vistas that reach all the way into the Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean. There are loads of rainforests that you will pass along the way and the intermingling of beaches and cliffs only adds to the diversity of the area. Much of the beaches are actually made of lime and sandstone too. These are some of the things that you simply have to try out in Victoria in 2018.


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