Tips to Care for Your Barbeque Grill

Summer days are here again. Soon, you get to enjoy fun barbeque afternoons at the backyard. It’s that time of the year when you set up your grills ready for cooking sumptuous meals. However, you might not notice that your grill is getting old as each year passes. Later on, you’ll see that it has a lot of issues and is not as efficient as before. Caring for your grill is essential to make it last longer. Aside from that, make sure you have it maintained and cleaned by professional grill cleaners.

Here are some tips to care for your barbeque or grill to prolong its life.

Proper Care for Cast Iron Grills

Your grill deserves a little tender loving care. Always handle your cast iron grill with care, never drop it because they will break. When using it for the first time, manually wash it with dishwashing soap and rinse it with hot water. Dry it immediately by wiping with a clean soft cloth. Never wash the grates in a dishwasher because it will damage them.

Before grilling, season the cast iron grates so that food won’t stick. It also helps prevent rust from forming on its surface. Unsalted vegetable shortening is the most effective but you may also use vegetable or olive oil to season the grates. Spread a thin layer of seasoning on all surfaces of the grids. Always preheat the grill before using. After using, leave the grids inside until it is already cooled before cleaning it up.

Proper Care for Stainless Steel Grills

Stainless steel grills are a bit sensitive to salts in the marinade. Sometimes, you can notice an orange rust stain on the grid caused by the residues. Proper seasoning of the grids is important to protect its surface and it also helps for easier cleaning. Use only a dishwashing liquid when washing this type of grill. Never use bleach or acidic substances in cleaning because it will corrode the steel’s surface. Also, never scrub it with an abrasive because this will surely damage the stainless finish.

How to Store Grills?

If you’re not going to use your barbeque grill for some time, slightly grease it with vegetable shortening. Wipe it dry and keep it on a dry place. However if you’re planning to use it for consecutive days, you can just leave cooking residues on it. The oil from the residues helps protect the cast iron of the grill.

Barbeque and Grill Repair

If your grill isn’t working properly, it’s time to call a repairman. Find an expert that will assure you of high-quality repair service and spare parts for your grill. For example, Jims BBQ Cleaning is Australia’s best when it comes to barbeque grill cleaning and maintenance. They also offer excellent repair services for your treasured grill. Just leave your barbeque or grill in their hands and they will do the rest.

Summer barbeque parties are one of the fun ways to spend quality time with your family and friends. Be assured of a tragedy-free event by booking only the best barbeque and grill cleaning services.

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